Studio Apparatus in the beautiful city of Utrecht is a melting pot of creativity, hard work, fun and good coffee. We, Erwin and Desirée, use the space to work on our autonomous projects like electro-pop act Pocket Knife Army, but we also love working with you! 


Whether you're looking for a creative producer with a clear goal in mind or someone to shoot your next live music video - we can help you out.


Check our projects to listen and watch what we've been up to the last couple of years or get in touch to visit the studio and let us pour you some quality coffee. We are looking forward to meeting you!


Erwin & Desirée 


About Erwin

Erwin's creative mind is turned on 24/7. Surrounded by his synthesizers and with a sharp pair of ears he knows how to turn notes and instruments into an engaging listening experience. When working with bands he tries to create an atmosphere where the musicians feel comfortable and safe enough to experiment. 


Erwin is a skilled piano player, a beast on the synths, an arranger and producer with eye for detail and knows his chords and songwriting tricks. Besides his studio work he climbs the stage very often with various acts.  


His main project is Pocket Knife Army; an indie electro-rock act. 


For everyone interested in some factual details:

Erwin studied jazz piano at the Conservatory for 4 years, after that he enrolled in the Bachelor programme of Music Technology at the University of the Arts in Utrecht, where he graduated in 2012.  


About Desirée

Desirée is a singer, musician, composer and videographer. She likes to be challenged creatively and to not limit herself to music alone. That's why she has a long list of past projects within all kinds of art forms. From composing pop songs to writing for musical theatre, and from shooting videos to performing live with her own music. 


Besides this she also runs a school for vocalists where she is both owner and vocal coach, Vocal Arts Academy.

The project on top of her list is the indie electro-rock act she has together with Erwin; Pocket Knife Army.


Facts about Desirée:

She graduated from the Conservatory of Utrecht in 2011 as a jazz & pop singer. After working on a lot of music projects for 5 years she decided to do a Master of Music (Music Technology) at the University of the Arts in Utrecht, where she graduated in 2018.