Studio Apparatus is not like a conventional recording studio. We are involved in a lot of different music projects - from producing and engineering complete albums, to artist production and synthesizer or vocal recordings. Check out our services page for all the things we love to do. 


Being musicians ourselves we know the drill with writing music, recording and performing, so we'll be able to help you out with all of that.


A full album or an EP is like a story and recording it means you need to think about your own story and how to tell it. When I think about the story behind a recording David Bowie immediately pops to mind. That man could bring a whole new tale to the table with each new album, including the change in image, performance and his appearance. My challenging but exciting job is to help you transforming your songs into much more than just a recording, by guarding the chosen framework: sound, vibe, genre, release platforms, etcetera. 


Below you can find some of the projects I've been working on as a producer, recording engineer and/or mixing engineer.

Wordbites - Strooilicht

Erwin Tuijl

Composition // Recording // Production // Mixing

Wessel Oltheten


LIJO - Pleasures of Self Deception

Erwin Tuijl

Recording // Production

Wessel Oltheten

Mixing // Mastering

Philip Xander - Prelude

Erwin Tuijl

Recording // Production // Mixing

Wessel Oltheten


Pocket Knife Army - 1786

Erwin Tuijl

Production // Recording 

Wessel Oltheten

Mixing // Mastering

Jaipur Junction

Erwin Tuijl

Audio recording // Mixing

Alex Geurink


Pocket Knife Army: single 'Over and done'

Erwin Tuijl

Audio recording // Mixing // Mastering


My love for synthesizers and keys has grown very strong over the years and as a result of that my synth and keys collection has expanded. From vintage gear to newer models and even a synth of my own design (Majella Implexus). 


So if you need a gritty bass line I could fetch my Korg MS10 for you to play it on your next track. Maybe you'd like to add a bit more warmth to your production with my Korg Polysix, or you're aiming for icy sounds from the DSI Poly Evolver. You could send me your midi files so I can record the synths for you, but If you'd rather have me playing it for you, that's also possible. In some cases you might even want to come down to the studio and record it yourself. Great! Just let me know what you're looking for. 

Jyoti Verhoeff - The Sky of You

Erwin Tuijl

Synth recording


As I've said before, Studio Apparatus is not like a traditional recording studio, so please don't expect us to have all the same equipment like Wisseloord or Abbey Road, ready for you to sound like your favourite artist. It's not all about the gear in Studio Apparatus, it is about how we are going to use it in a creative and authentic way that suits your music best. 





Feurich acoustic uppright piano made in 1916 in excellent condition

Fender Rhodes

Vermona PerFourmer mk2

Korg MS10

Korg MS20

Korg Polysix

Korg MS2000

Korg Minilogue


Therevox ET4.2

Elektron Analog RYTM mk1

Roland TR8S

DSI Poly Evolver

DSI Mono Evolver

Yamaha DX7

SIEL Orchestra

Eurorack modular - Buchla inspired

Indian Harmonium




Soundtracs Solitaire 32 channel mixing desk

RME Madiface Pro

Antelope Orion 32 Channel ADDA converter

Otari MTR90 mk2 24 Channel tape recorder

Focal Trio 6BE monitors

2 x AML 1073 Preamps 

Revox A77 2-track tape recorder



Mojave MA1000 (tube mic)

2x Austrian Audio OC818

2x Oktava mk012



Sherman Filterbank

Korg SE500 Tape Delay

Vermona VSR 3.2 Spring Reverb

WA76 Compressor (1176 style compressor)

DBX166 Stereo Compressor/Gate

Fender Musicmaster Bass Amp 

Fender Mustang 1966

Various guitar pedals ie Delays, Overdrives etc.